Hilltop Child Development Center

20190206_144218Find More Details in the Bid Request, Hilltop Child Development Center

Bids Due: May 24, 2019
Address: 6155W Florissant, 63136

Parking Lot – Patch and repair cracks in lot, as needed. Seal entire lot. Restripe 22 parking spaces and one (1) handicap space.

Electrical/Lighting – Remove and replace ten (10) existing canopy lights with 12” square LED fixtures. Furnish and install two (2) LED round canopy lights at main entrance under canopy. Retro-Fit three (3) existing round surface mount lights on the façade of building to LED. See Bid Request, Hilltop Child Development Center for details. Permits required for electrical work.

Project will remain open until a sufficient number of qualified bids are received.